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I am that person who sees all of your “Put a ____ in my ask!" etc, and I do it every time I see one. Because I want to make sure no one feels alone because of me.

I am the person who reblogs your selfies. Because you are a gift.

I am the person who sees your original text posts, and will reply to them.

I can’t change the world, but I can change how I treat others in that world.

You are not alone.

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I went to a funeral today, and let me tell you - I do not handle emotional situations like that very well.

There is a very fine line between Silent tears streaming down my cheeks and sobbing and hiccuping.

Not only will heartfelt speeches bring me to tears, but beautiful Piano pieces, and worst of all- OTHER PEOPLE CRYING! I was done for the moment I walked through the doors. That’s it. Tap out.

It wasn’t even a family member. It was actually my boss’s mother. But I have known his parents for almost 15 years - Long Story - and she was a HUGE inspiration to everyone. She co-founded the Be the Difference Campaign for Ovarian Cancer.

She was diagnosed 5 years ago and never let it beat her. She lived every day to it’s fullest. Went on mission trips, climbed mountains, help dozens of family gatherings a year, planned numerous vacations, she did everything she wanted.

She tried every treatment out there to try and kick cancer’s ass. She would even research until her fingers bled trying to understand the science behind the treatments and what new experimental treatments and drugs were out there. When doctors would say no to the treatments she brought to their attention, she went and found a doctor who said yes. When she put her mind to something, nothing won out over her — except for cancer.

Even on her last days, where she hadn’t been able to eat in almost 10 days, was losing the ability to speak, and was well under 80 pounds, she never said goodbye. She never quit. When friends and family came to say their goodbyes she would ask “When are you coming back to see me?” “See you next week!” “We need to get together sometime!”

She was a very inspirational woman, whom I aspire to be like, and she was very loved.

And if you have read this far, I encourage you to please go donate here- no matter the amount anything helps. All Helen wanted was to find better screenings and hopefully a cure one day, so that other families would not have to endure what hers did. If you cannot donate please spread word of the Be The Difference Foundation.

Let’s help make her dream come true.

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